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How much is a Fantastic Lifestyle worth to you?

Only you can decide what your Perfect Lifestyle would be, and only you can plan for it and make it happen. You need to realise that you can and will have the lifestyle you choose.

The purpose of this book is to help you decide on and then achieve your Perfect Lifestyle. For you this might mean being mortgage free in a house you love, with a nice car and a holiday house by the sea. Or it might mean owning your own scuba diving school, or working in your dream job, or being a missionary, or creating a boutique winery, or being able to give away $50,000 every year to people in need, or retiring at 45, or being a self-funded aid worker in the third world, or being an international entrepreneur with summer houses all over the world and your own private jet. Whatever your definition of the Perfect Lifestyle, this book will help you to achieve it.

Creating The Perfect Lifestyle will be launched as an Ebook in November 2011.

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